The Spoilers #3: Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

Cap is back!

In this, his second titular film, the “first avenger” is still struggling to make sense of the modern world while dealing the increasingly questionable methods of his allies and a powerful new enemy. The Winter Soldier is probably the most “mature” film to come out of Marvel Studios so far, deftly coupling elements of political thriller, social commentary and surprisingly poignant human moments amid dazzling action sequences.

For fans, the film features several Universe shaking events which will affect the future course of every major Marvel film character and storyline.  Other more subtle references and (possible) hints of things to come – as well as a couple of significant new character revelations – are peppered throughout as well, providing fertile ground for rampant fanboy speculation.

Go see it, and then check out our show for in-depth analysis and half-assed opinions, as Scrambled Brains Presents: The Spoilers, Episode 3: Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier!


#44, Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast

In this episode:

-We start off the episode and Matt is already pissed off… at slow internet.

-The great debate… who just died? Was it Andy or Mickey Rooney? And which one boned Dorothy from Wizard of OZ?

-Will recounts his adventures in Amsterdam, and all the movies he saw on the way. He claims he didn’t kill anyone for the Mafia…. which of course doesn’t exist.

-Matt and Nick go over their recently viewed movies which include Fight Club, Unbreakable, and Anchorman 2.

-According to some rumors Star Wars Episode 7 has already begun shooting, but the Brains wonder how that’s possible when they haven’t even announced a cast yet.

-In movie news a Battlestar Galactica movie reboot is on the way, along with a Goonies sequel, and a Germlins reboot.

-Nick and Will discuss the Walking Dead season finale, while Matt hums “Tom’s Diner.”

-In a mash up of subjects the Brains talk Star Trek, Zombie movies, The World’s End/ This is the End confusion, and Louis C.K.’s show Louie.

-Matt ends the episode the way he started it…totally P.O.ed, but this time it’s all about Spider-Man comics.


#43, Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast

In this special episode, recorded at the side of Matt’s sickbed:

-The Brains talk about medical horrors, and vasectomy tales.

-In Marvel news there is new footage from Avengers 2 that shows both Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and maybe even Ultron.

-Nick bemoans that sex-ed is just around the corner for this son, which, of course, leads Will right into talk of Freaks and Geeks.

-The Brains go over the new Hercules and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailers, and ask the question “Why can’t people that know something about a franchise make the movie(s) based on it?”

-The Scrambled Brains get all religious when they talk about the reviews coming in for Noah.

-Will and Nick go over the latest comic run in which they talked bad about poor sick Matt the whole time.

-Producers of the forthcoming Indiana Jones movies shoot down rumors of Bradley Cooper taking over the fedora and whip which makes Matt a sad Brain indeed.

-The subject of the new Scrambled Brain road trip comes up….Will might be taking in UFOs, but then the Brains might be talking toys at the Toyman toy show.

-And is there any truth to a bet between Lucas and Spielberg that cost the flannelled one 40 million dollars?


Scrambled Brains: Planet ComiCon 2014!

In this epidsode:

The Brains make the trek up to Kansas City to visit Planet ComiCon 2014!  Equiped with a half-assed, experimental audio setup they wander around the venue periodically recounting the experience and very nearly getting a couple interviews.

After the Con, Matt and Will hit the road for home and let the tape run while they jabber on like old times.  The conversation meanders here and there in desperate search of editing, but finds none!  Topics include:

- Con review

- Power Rangers / Super Sentai

- He-Man

- Smurfs

- Morbid Angel

- GI Joe

- Nightwatch / Jackalope Radio

- Ratzenberger, leading inevitably to Cheers


- Tremors

- Cosplayers

- and finally, an extended conversation about stopping for dinner…  Probably safe to skip that.


#42, Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast

In this episode (which is the answer to life, the universe, and everything):

- Will talks about seeing “Welcome to Nightvale” live… but he doesn’t give away any spoilers.

- Matt has been listening to the Nightwatch podcast after talking to the peeps at Planet-Con and that leads to talk or Italian Horror, and Italian and Japanese Sci-Fi.

-RIP to GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus (aka: Dave Brockie).

-There is a new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer, and the Russians have made real Doc Ock arms.  An Andrew Garfield centric Matt Rant erupts, and not even Nick can defend him from the brutal verbal lashings.

-The Brains fall down a comic book movie rabbit hole which includes The Crow and Daredevil.

-In Star Wars news: reports are coming in that Episode 7 will be set 30 years after Return of Jedi. No idea where they came up with that idea.

-Will is super excited for the new Wes Anderson flick “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Matt however throws insults Anderson’s way and Nick is just lost.

-More Walking Dead talk with Nick and Will.

-Matt is pretty excited that a new show on Nat Geo will feature none other than Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot.

-Are reality shows on their way out? The Brains weigh in.

-John Chu, director of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, is set to direct a live action version of Jem and Holograms. Which leads the Brains down a memory lane of other properties of the 80’s.

-The Brains close out the episode in the most epic way possible…with ANIME BOOBS!!!


#41, Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast

In this special, post-Planet ComiCon episode:

-The Brains spend most of the first part going over their trip to Planet ComiCon in Kansas City.

-In actual news: the star is of Gotham shows his mustache-less face, much to fans disappointment.

-Halle Berry says that Storm will be lame in Days of Future Past because she is preggers.

-Marvel has announced what will be going head to head with Batman vs. Superman, and it will be Captain America 3. Will DC blink and pull out of the date, or are we looking at huge superhero summer showdown?

-Will and Nick start to talk Walking Dead, but then Kris comes in and Will totally bolts on the other Brains leaving them to fend for themselves.

-Nick has to get out his Walking Dead talk and makes Matt listen to the horrible details of the show.

-Matt does nothing to disprove the accusations of him being a closet brony when he talks about a boy who was banned from using a My Little Pony backpack and lunch box.

-Matt and Nick go over even more Con talk and Con regrets.


#40, Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast

In this episode:

-The Brains start out with more talk of Planet ComiCon. Be sure to listen to episode 41 for the break down on what happened at the con.

-In Marvel news: a former Heroes star is making the jump to Agents of Shield for a guest spot. Scarlett Johansson’s scenes are being pushed up due to pregnancy, and will Winter Solider change everything for Agents of Shield?

-The Brains then talk Kevin Smith, or rather how slow a comic writer he is.

-We boldly go into a discussion about The original Star Trek series.

-Then the Brains turn to talk of the Dune movie that never was, a man claiming to have created the Masters of the Universe, and 300: Rise of an Empire

-Will brings some much needed educated topics to podcast with talk of a 30,000 year-old virus being released from the ice, Putin being up for the Nobel Peace Prize, and the Feds suing Sprint for overcharging them for illegal wiretapping.

-Things get back to normal with Michael Jackson’s bastard child, WWE wanting to trademark Ric Flair’s name, Shatner at Planet Con, and we end with Shaq Fu 2 news.  WOO!


#39, Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast

In this episode:
-We start out with Guardians of the Galaxy talk. From the new trailer to the old comic.

-Then Matt and Nick fill Will in on the comic book trip that he missed.

-Nick tells us about what Zack Snyder saved us from, when he lets us in on the original ending to Watchmen.

-Missouri is Misery… as in the 8th most miserable state in the U.S.

-The Brains get into their gross outdoor bathroom experiences.

-Do we really need new Matrix movies? WB says yes, but the Brains aren’t sure.

-Is Walking Dead getting a spin off show? Nick and Will talk more Walking Dead.

-The Scrambled Brains will be at Planet Comic-Con on March 16th, and the guys go over their plans for the show.

-Matt geeks out when he learns that Microsoft’s answer to Siri is going to be named Cortana.

-Are humans programmed to obey robots? It is all Michael Bay’s fault.

-Adam Driver is the first person cast for Star Wars Episode 7? The Brains don’t know who this guy is, and Matt doesn’t even believe it was confirmed.

-Violent video games might start getting taxed more then non-violent games, and the Brains wonder who exactly says what is and isn’t violent.

-If you don’t get more napkins can you sue for 1.5 million dollars? It looks like you can.

-Russia is invading Ukraine, the Pope uses the F-word in public, snakes can fly, and really old cartoons… The Brains just can’t seem to get out of this episode.


#38, Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast

Rest in peace, Harold Ramis.

In this episode:

-Nick starts us off with a NASCAR related rant.

-If you don’t see the new Fantastic Four reboot and Johnny Storm happens to be black….is that racist?

-Rumors are flying about not one, but two new Indiana Jones movies starring Harrison Ford, and the Brains wonder how the 71 year old actor is going to pull that off.

-Nick and Will talk about the Walking Dead show and the Walking Dead video game from Telltale Games. Matt jumps in on the game talk as he has finally played Halo 4.

-Nick wants to kill Katy Perry? Oh wait…no, it’s Muslims.

-Why can’t Matt have a bigger TV? He seems to want one.

-Do Bigfoots (bigfeet?) bury their dead? Or do they eat them?

-Space Jam 2 might be on the way, but we never even wanted Space Jam 1.

-Nick lets us in on the secret origin of Jessie from Toy Story.

-Ozzie Smith wants to make baseball’s opening day a national holiday. Matt loves the idea, but Nick and Will couldn’t care less.

-The Brains look at 300’s sequel Rise of a Empire and talk of Epic Rap Battles follows.


#37, Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast

In this episode:

-37 Podcasts!………….in a row?

-Matt and Nick break into Toyfair talk, confusing Will.

-In Marvel news: the Guardians of the Galaxy toyline reveals the villains and a Black Widow solo movie might be in the works.

-In more toyline reveals we finally get a look at the Dinobots from Transformers 4 via Hasbro and Nick goes on a Matt Rant style tear about Michael Bay.

-The Gathering of the Juggalos is a no go for Missouri. Will is sad.

-Will lets us in on the startling results of the DNA test of the “Skulls of the Nephilim”. We are not alone people!

-Marty McFly’s power lacing Nikes are on their way in 2015, or so says Nike.

-The Brains talk up and over their plans for Kansas City’s own Planet Con.

-A new Knight Rider is in the works…..Danny McBride as the voice of KITT?

-Are house fires going to become illegal…of course they are! Arson is totally illegal. Oh you mean home heating with fire? Ahhhhhh…I see. WHAT?!?!

-Steven Segal is set to put a governorship….Under Siege.

-In Star Wars news, we have new Rebels previews and Clone Wars season 6 has a home.