Lego Indiana Jones cradling a glowing brain (which is also radiating lightning), surrounded by a host of characters from the films

78 – Scrambled Brains

-David Tennant enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the Purple Man on the new Netflix series, AKA Jessica Jones…which raises all kinds of questions  about how much of Jessica Jones‘ backstory we will be seeing. -Ryan Reynolds says new Deadpool is shaping up just right…but that might be subjective. -Casting rumors abound. Captain America 3 gets a Zemo (we still don’t know which one.), X-MEN: (Age of ) Apocalypse has young …


Picture Show and Tell + a new site!

As fans of the Scrambled Brains WERJ.cast might already know, our movie spin-off episodes (The Spoilers) are getting their own weekly series. It’s called Picture Show …


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